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The Social Media Breakfast Club - Via The Comit Developers Blog

The Social Media Breakfast Club (Shanna Perkins via The Comit Developers Blog)

Shanna Perkins, SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist at Comit Developers, wrote a great post on the different strengths and weaknesses of the most popular social media platforms last week.

Given that I’m old enough to remember watching The Breakfast Club in the movie theaters, I was particularly fond of her use of the characters from the movie to describe the traits of each social media platform. It’s a great way to offer a perspective that everyone can relate to - even if you didn’t watch the movie ;)

Special Birthday Wishes to Jennifer Kendrick with a Personal & Professional Touch :)

Jennifer Kendrick, and yes, she really is this bad ass!

This is a special personal / professional ode to a young woman who’s proven over and over again that she’s not just a force to be reckoned with, but that she’s also a fantastic team member who’s willing to go to bat for the entire team, whenever needed!

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